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19 Seater Minibus Hire Coventry And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

19 Seater Minibus Hire Coventry And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

Coach Hire Coventry works hard to provide a fleet that can offer options to all our customer needs and group sizes. Sometimes the economy and spaciousness of our excellent coaches is a bit too much, while our luxurious and personal minibuses can be just a tad too small for some groups. That is why we are proud to offer the perfect balance for hire; equipped with 19 seats and all the quality facilities you could need, our 19-seater mini coaches can be the right option for you.

Sleekly designed like our compact minibuses, yet spaciously built just like our coaches, our mini coaches are more than ready to accommodate your travel needs. For those groups that have that extra person on-board, or just need a nice balance between the excellent options we have in our fleet, these mini coaches prove a popular and highly praised travel option for many.

No matter its unique size and place within Coach Hire Coventry's fleet, the 19-seater is still held to all the same stringent requirements as every other vehicle in our fleet. We have them undergo inspections with our own technicians right in our own workshop, using state of the art equipment and fully compliant U.K. regulations to meet all legal and road requirements.

Transparency is vital to our customer relationship, so before you are ever brought on-board we provide all inspections that have taken place prior to your hiring of our services. We are confident in our fleet's quality that any maintenance or adjustments that take place are done to completion, and resolved so nothing arises while you are on the road with us.

As the smallest coach in our fleet, the 20-seater coach we provide is no less luxurious and spacious as its larger relatives. Seating provides plenty for a small group, and overhead storage abounds to keep aisles and seating areas free of clutter. Enjoy the luxury of walking around and bonding with your fellow travellers on-board, or stretch out, lean back and relax as you are taken wherever you desire. These 20-seater coaches are the perfect size for many different types of groups and events, such as birthday parties, small tours, and sporting teams hoping to make a game. But no matter if you need our coaches for leisure or business, they are fully qualified to assist you.

Travelling with a mini coach or coach can be an experience much different than with a car or minibus. Both offer spacious seating and top-rated interiors, with plenty of seating for those larger groups looking to travel together. Many come equipped with a variety of amenities not usually found on smaller vehicles, such as on-board washrooms and panoramic windows. While there are numerous options available to fit any budget and group, each mini coach and coach is required to be kept modern and well-maintained to provide all our customers with a wonderful travel experience. When you travel with Coach Hire Coventry, know that you are getting the best vehicles and service around.