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12 Seater Minibus Hire Coventry And 14 Seat Minibus Hire

Coventry is an excellent city for those looking to experience the beauty of the West Midlands without making a trip down to busy Birmingham, while still experiencing a thriving downtown and culture rife with activity and fun. Groups hoping to explore the area without worrying about where to park or how to rent a car can find convenience in our minibus options, where small groups will find many options available to fit a variety of schedules and budgets.

The fleet at Coach Hire Coventry offers an excellent range to selection from for minibuses, and the 12 and 14-seater minibus hire Coventry. We provide continue to be a very popular option for those small groups hoping to explore the city together. Selected carefully from one of our trusted manufacturing partners, these minibuses are not generic vans, instead they are specially designed to shuttle multiple passengers around for long and short distances. Sacrifice nothing in comfort when riding with us, we have outfitted our minibuses in an assortment of packages that offer features you might need when on the road.

Each minibus in our fleet is carefully inspected and held to the highest standards for quality and design. Stable and well-built, expect nothing but comfort and a smooth ride when you ride with us. Our technicians routinely inspect our vehicles and provide thorough maintenance to keep the running smoothly when on the road, while our customer care team carefully checks the interior and every amenity for updating and improvement. Know that when you step onto our minibuses, you are getting the best as we have triple-checked it to make sure of that!

Small groups travelling together will find the appeal in using a minibus over a rented car or simple van, as space is optimized to provide every guest with room to stretch out and relax. No more fighting over an armrest or being squeezed into a hot vehicle as you are driven place to place. Experience coaching like never before: with a competent, professionally accredited driver backed by a team ready to jump in and assist you at a moment's notice. We strive to maintain our successful reputation, so if something is not up to your standards, let us know and we will work with you to correct it. Your enjoyment is our success, and we will do our best to keep it that way.

Minibuses are the perfect option for small groups hoping to jaunt through town or take an extended trip through the countryside together without the burden of multiple vehicles or unsuitable conditions. The 12 and 14-seaters we have provided customers are highly popular options that strike the perfect balance between seating and space, with a sleek, well-built design to make you feel like a star. Enjoy the on-board amenities as we escort you to every one of your destinations, or simply relax and unwind during the trip, it's your time so enjoy it. Coach Hire Coventry is ready to serve at a moment's notice, so find out how our minibuses can make your next trip great.