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10 12 Seat Coventry Minibus Hire

10 Seater Minibus Hire Coventry And 12 Seat Minibus Hire

Need just a bit more space than our 8-seater minibus hire provide you and your group? Look to the next size up in our fleet: the 10 and 12-seater minibuses. Providing just a bit more seating and room, but still as upscale and luxurious as our compact 8-seater minibuses, these are ideal for groups looking to stretch out and enjoy the privacy of a coach hire service. Enjoy the personal feel of our smaller minibuses with all the spacious interior of our larger coaches. We have carefully filled our fleet with minibuses that cater to every need our customers could have, and these 10 and 12-seater have proven time and again to be very popular.

We have served small groups on these minibuses for a variety of trips and occasions, such as stag and hen parties, sporting events, even family getaways where taking a car was just not enough room. The benefit of using a coach service alleviates the need for one member of the group to focus on the road and miss out on the enjoyment, while avoiding the stress that comes with finding parking. Instead, let a private driver handle all that for you! We have employed the best around to navigate Coventry traffic so you don't have to miss a moment with your mates or loved ones.

Interested in these minibuses for more professional reasons? 10 and 12-seaters provide plenty of room for co-workers travelling together on a business trip, or hosting a meet-up within Coventry or the West Midlands. We offer excellent amenity packages that suit any type of trip a group is taking; for our business travellers, conference tables and privacy tinting are ideal options if you are hoping to get some work done while travelling. Meanwhile reclining seats, stereo radios, and mini-fridges are excellent options for those wishing to take our minibus services on a longer trip through the city and even the West Midlands. Regardless of what you are wanting, we offer competitive pricing that guarantees you will get the best minibus for your budget.

Coach Hire Coventry's team understands that even if you have lived in Coventry all your life, tackling the streets and finding the best places to go can be just as much an adventure as the one you are on. As most of our company consists of regional locals, feel free to ask of your driver anything you need, whether it is a schedule or route change, or even suggestions for a nearby place to grab a quick bite to eat. Our staff is always happy to help our customers, especially when it comes to the city they love. With our 10 and 12-seater minibuses, you will experience a freedom in travelling like never before all with VIP treatment at a highly tempting rate. Without having to worry about driving yourself or walking everywhere, our coach hire services do their utmost to keep you comfortable and doing what you came to Coventry for: enjoyment! Give our team a call or contact us online and see why the West Midlands love us so!