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Coach Hire Coventry

Coventry is a lively historical city with plenty to offer visitors from around the world; bustling streets and markets to the lush parks and awe inspiring architecture that has withstood countless sieges throughout history. With such a diverse background and culture, Coventry is sure to have something for you no matter what interests you may have. With its status as an industrial hallmark of the West Midlands, second in size only to Birmingham, Coventry is a corporate hotspot for business and start-ups alike. In Coventry, there is so much to do and see, so why not make sure you get to it all with our top-rated coach hiring services?

Coventry Coach Hire

Providing the West Midlands with our famous fleet of luxury and economical coaches, all ranging in sizes 20 to 57 seats, there is a vehicle here that can accommodate even your large groups and their personal belongings. Have a group even larger than the spacious 57-seaters we provide? Simply let us know and we will coordinate as many of our coaches as you need, all for a highly appealing price that you would not be able to find anywhere else! Each of our vehicles is uniquely designed to accommodate a variety of preferences and budgets, from luxury amenities to comfortable interiors, we offer nothing but the best. Start by letting us know what you are hoping to do during your time in Coventry, how many people you are travelling with, and what you need while on-board, and our team of professional customer care will get to work putting together a package just for you.

Wide Range Of Coaches

Ranging from compact to the enormous yet not unwieldy, our coaches can get you through the winding busy streets of Coventry with ease. Guided by our professional drivers and our stat of the art navigational systems, you will be where you need to be in no time at all. Just sit back and relax as we safely escort you from place to place on your agenda. Perfectly sized for smaller groups, our 20-seaters fit the bill for those times when you are wanting to take a trip out and into the city for touring, shopping, or just exploring with your loved ones. We offer mid-sized coaches that are perfect for school classes and sporting teams hoping to make a football match or take on an educational field trip. Our larger 49-seater to 57-seaters are ideal for guided tours and large events, spacious enough for plenty of bonding and enjoyment.

Generous Levels Of Specification

No matter what you are wanting to do, we are committed to providing the comforts of home while on the road. Depending on whatever requests you have made, our coaches can come equipped with leather seating, tables, LCD televisions, washrooms and so much more. Privacy tinting is available if you want to be kept from curious eyes, while sharp panoramic windows are ideal for those guided tours where you want to witness everything Coventry can offer. Need something we have not even listed? Never fear, just contact our customer care team and they will do their utmost to accommodate your requests, on and off the road.

We strive for our customer satisfaction and safety above all else, so we carefully screen all potential drivers before we put you under their care, and have our technicians regularly maintain and inspect each vehicle within our fleet.

As a leader in coach hire services, our team is dedicated to keeping our customers happy and comfortable while they travel with us. Do not settle for less than the best when it comes to your trip to Coventry, so contact us today and see what our excellent fleet and team can do for you.

Minibus Hire Coventry

With Coach Hire Coventry, explore the best that the West Midlands have to offer from the comfort of our luxury minibuses, each designed with our customers' safety and enjoyment in mind. Whether you are looking to travel alone, with your family, or even a small group, these minibuses are available in an excellent range of sizes to best accommodate the space you need. From compact 8-seaters that offer excellent storage and luxury amenities to our 18-seaters that can get your group around town in style, there is an option for you, and our team will work tirelessly to find it! So, no matter if you are needing more space on the road, each of our minibuses comes equipped with a diverse range of amenity options to best suit you and your group's preferences for travel. Let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.

Smooth Travel Planning

At the beginning of your time travelling with us, our team of experts will sit down and go over everything you wish to accomplish on your trip through Coventry. From scheduling to budget, we work closely with you to make sure there is no room for disappointment and confusion when travelling aboard Coach Hire Coventry. Our fleet has been curated to include a wide range of options and vehicles to suit any group and preference, so rest assured knowing that you will not be forced onto a minibus you did not choose yourself. We also factor into account what you wish to do while travelling; for quick trips into town where transport is your only goal, we have economical minibus just for that. Looking to take a long winding trip in comfort alone or with company? Our luxury options might just be what you are wanting.

Luxurious Fleet Of Minibuses

Every minibus within our fleet is held to a high standard of craftsmanship and quality interior design. No vehicle is offered to our customers that has not been carefully inspected by our professional team of technicians who scrutinised every aspect of our minibuses to give the seal of approval. You will find no generic vehicles here, instead only top of the line coaches and minibuses that are specifically designed for taking groups around safely. All our minibus interiors have been carefully outfitted to include a diverse offering of amenities to keep guests happy and relaxed as they travel. From cup holders to reclining seats, sun-roofs to mini-fridges, we have loaded our luxury minibuses to the brim with things to keep you smiling during your road trip.

Coach Hire Coventry believes that ravel should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Traffic, scheduling, and close quarters can quickly put a damper on the mood when trying to have fun in a new place. That is why we have served the West Midlands for years to give our customers a chance to fully immerse themselves on their trips, while leaving the burden of driving and parking to the professionals. Give us a call or contact us online today, we are ready to help you plan your next exciting adventure!

Our Coventry Services

From its strategic origins in commerce to its industrial might as a motor manufacturing hub, Coventry's splendour is not something to miss. Boasting ancient Medieval castles and cathedrals that are still standing to this day despite the Luftwaffe air raid of the Great War, to its role as a cultural and arts centre in the West Midlands, there is plenty to experience here. The only question is, with all these exciting ideas and places, where do you start, and more importantly, how to you get there?

Experienced Drivers

Coach Hire Coventry has the perfect solution for you, answering all your travel concerns easily and with professional service. We provide top of the line coaches, minibuses, and even mini coaches to accommodate you and any fellow travellers you are accompanied by. With our experienced drivers – most of whom have extensive experience here in Coventry – at the wheel, you will zip through traffic quickly, and do not worry about parking, our drivers will drop you off and take care of that for you! Relax and take your time exploring our beautiful city by letting us tackle all your trip concerns and scheduling issues, as we have been a leading expert in coach hire services for years. There is no rush when you ride with Coach Hire Coventry, so enjoy your trip and when you are ready, hop back on board and we will get you to your next stop.

Selected Range Of Vehicles

Our fleet has been carefully curated by years of customer feedback and high standards. We only acquire the best vehicles from our trusted manufacturers, and ensure each one was designed specifically for coach service. Do not worry about being shuttled onto a low-quality, generic van, instead experience true comfort riding on-board Coach Hire Coventry's finest, specially picked for you and your needs while travelling. We have minibuses ranging in size for personal 8-seaters to 18-seats, all fully customised and ready to keep you relaxed. Our coaches range from 19-seaters all the way up to impressively built 57-seaters, capable of shuttling your large group and all their luggage around easily.

Looking for something in between, we even have 19-seater mini coaches to suit even the most unique of travel groups! Each one of our coaches and minibuses comes equipped with modern GPS navigation, radio and stereo systems, PA speakers and reclining seats to ensure you stay entertained and comfortable. With plenty of foot space and aisle room, never worry about having to squeeze past your neighbour to get around, instead you can walk freely and easily to bond with your mates or chat up the rest of the group.

Extra Amenities

For our customers needing a bit more of home while on the road, we have vehicles outfitted with plenty of other amenities.

Onboard toilets, leather seating, panoramic windows and LCD televisions all are available to best serve you while you travel with us. By keeping your group content, your trip goes all the smoother, so investing in our affordable amenity packages is definitely worth it. Looking for something not listed? Simply give us a call and our customer care team will work tirelessly to see what we can do to make your trip even more enjoyable. Just sit back and relax in your seat as we handle all your concerns for you.

Corporate & Executive Transport

Our professional and executive customers will find our vehicles perfectly suited to their corporate and business needs. Many of our luxury minibuses and coaches come outfitted with sturdy conference tables, power outlets, and even privacy tinting so you can stay connected and productive even while on the road. Make your next business trip easier by scheduling with us; we guarantee prompt delivery to your destination, whether it is the office for an important meeting or the airport to catch that last minute flight. Your trip is our priority, and we are committed to providing the best service available in the West Midlands right to you.

All Events Covered

Has a special event planned? Weddings, sporting events family reunions, even guided tours are all planned here, and we have the team best suited to tackle all your transportation issues. Instead of trying to wrangle everyone into multiple cars or taxis, let Coach Hire Coventry pick them up and get them where they need to go. They will enjoy the ease of being escorted around in comfort, while also being able to bond and enjoy their time in Coventry together. So, no matter if you are hiring our services to help you celebrate a wonderful milestone in life, or even mourning the passing of a loved one, our team respects your time and needs, ready to service you with prompt and courteous service. Contact our top rated team today, let us get you on the road in one of our elite, luxury designed vehicles and out experiencing Coventry and making memories from it.

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