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Minibus Hire Coventry

Minibuses are an excellent method of transport for those looking to find an alternative to the larger coaches we have offered our customers. Compact yet still spacious within, our minibuses are ideal for serving small groups and individuals throughout the region. Our fleet of minibuses is just as diverse as our range of coaches, with amenity packages and seating sizes to accommodate our customers. For those needing to travel alone, with luggage, or with just a few people, our 8-seater minibuses are just what you need. Excellent options for vacations and quick jaunts around the cityscape, our smaller-end minibuses can comfortably drive you to your next destination. Needing a bit more space for more people? We offer larger minibuses all the way up to 18-seaters, still packed with quality features you would want in a smaller vehicle. Each minibus in our fleet comes directly from our trusted manufacturers, and are equipped with numerous amenities that can accommodate needs and budgets of any kind.

For our customers needing simply transport to and from locations, or even back and forth from the airport, we have put together numerous budget friendly packages that carry just the essentials to keep you comfortable. Reclining seating, circulating air-conditioning and heating options, and plenty of boot storage are all available to keep your spirit light and your wallet happy.

Looking for a little bit extra? Perhaps you have a business trip with co-workers, or need to stay comfortable for long drives on the road. Our luxury packages are just what you are looking for, and provide numerous upgraded features. Minifridges, foldable conference tables, privacy tinting and LCD screens are all options available in our luxury minibuses. Executives and families alike will find our extra features to be just perfect while on the road and wanting to relax. Simply lean back in our fine leather seats and let our competent driver smoothly navigate you through traffic. Know that regardless of budget, all our vehicles are held to the highest standards, and each member of our team is committed to treating you and your time with us as the utmost priority and with respect.

Regardless of which minibus you choose, we rigorously inspect them before we handle over the keys and send you on your way. Our team of technicians work around the clock making sure each minibus runs smoothly and without a single hitch. Meanwhile our team in headquarters monitors the status of your vehicle and ensures you are on the best route possible. With GPS navigation and tracking systems, keeping you safe on the road is easier than ever, and should a situation arise or a break-down occur, our response teams can get to you quickly. Know that as a leader in the coach hire industry, we excel in providing you with the best options to keep you safe on the road and enjoying your trip.

We understand that travelling in a new place can be a daunting experience; with new traffic patterns and parking confusion, dangers abound and it can be costly if you are not prepared for it. That is why Coach Hire Coventry has worked hard to bring together a team of competent drivers and coordinators, who with years of experience and as locals, can safely navigate you through the exciting streets of Coventry. Coach Hire Coventry is excited to offer such a wide array of vehicles to our customers, with our minibuses being highly popular amongst families and professionals alike. So avoid the stress of driving woes and keep your energy for your trip by letting us escort to all your destinations in town and the surrounding areas.