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35 Seat Coach Hire in Coventry and 36 seat Coach Hire

The stresses of travelling through busy streets can put a damper on any trip, so why not simply avoid that altogether by letting someone else do the driving for you? Groups can find our fleet brimming with options for them, from small compact minibuses to economical coaches, there is plenty in-between even, and our 35 and 36-seaters are great options. These coaches work well for mid-sized groups wanting to travel together and leave the hassle of organising several cars at home. Equipped with several comforts usually only found on smaller vehicles, such as reclining chairs and LCD televisions, these mid-sized coaches work well for groups wanting to relax or activity explore this wonderful city.

Many schools and sports teams have found the benefits of our coaches to foster bonding between groups while keeping budgets well balanced. Affordable, spacious, and well-kept, our coaches are excellent options for those needing to travel in groups while wanting to avoid having students be driven in a variety of cars or lower quality vehicles. Encouraging bonding and excitement over a school trip by letting teaches focus on their students instead of driving, and have coaches go over game plays and hype their team up instead of focussing on finding parking. There are numerous benefits to schools, clubs, and sports teams using our mid-sized coaches, so ask our sales staff about what we can offer you.

These mid-sized coaches are not just for educational trips and sporting events, however. They are perfect for any occasion you may have planned; family vacations, wedding parties, children's birthdays and club meetings are welcome here to enjoy our service.

Even businesses will find that our coaches are the perfect solution to employees and co-workers needing to travel in from out of town. Avoid having to rent several cars by letting them travel together; productively amongst co-workers can be had on-board while costs are kept low during their travels. For company retreats and endeavours requiring a bit more discretion, privacy tinting is available to allow you and your employees or co-workers to consolidate information and discuss final touches to projects.

Leave the stress of driving to the experts here at Coach Hire Coventry, where years of living in the city has equipped them to know the safest and best routes around. Each driver we have undergoes a series of interviews to vet their qualifications and character, having them go through the DBA to provide you with the security you need when travelling. Know that Coach Hire Coventry is committed to your safety and will settle for nothing but your total comfort and satisfaction.

Each member of our company prides themselves on adhering to our company standards and policies. Giving our customers the best service possible at a rate competitors cannot beat is our goal, and with your feedback we can continuously improve that. Our 35 and 36-seater coaches provide mid-sized groups with the space they want for comfort and leisure while travelling, so give us a call and see how you can hire one yourself.